Hospitality tents European Company

Thanks to God, is the largest company of the leading companies in Saudi Arabia in the field (processing camps and halls of aluminum and soft and Almhard for all occasions and processing of exhibitions, conferences and seminars, auctions and weddings and camps breakfast fasting and pilgrimage camps)
The company has prepared a reception for the governor of Bahra province to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Prince of Makkah Region, His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Al Faisal On the twenty first spring 1438 AH at the headquarters of the province
Founded hospitality company Tents in 1990 where she was launching effective from the main center in Mecca to all parts of the Kingdom and taken from Mount Noor in Mecca its major headquarters and we had to contain a lot of cultural events and Almirjanat holidays and national events and concerts opening and processing of Hajj camps
European Tents hospitality company is characterized by high taste and design attractive and diverse, and that gives the impression of comfort as well as creativity acquired from our experience in the administration of property concerts and working on offering concerts with the highest level of beauty and attractiveness and service delivery in the shortest possible time with Give more attention to precision as the company focused on aspects of aesthetic brushes and chairs interiors
Since the opening of the company has been able to achieve the development of a large and important achievements over the years ..