Some of the projects that we have implemented:

The company has several projects for some government institutions and companies and individuals

  • Mount Arafat camps processing pilgrimage season
  • Processing committee watering and Alrvadeh camp representative Emirate Makkah region
  • Her Highness Princess Royal camps processing Stbh girl Abdul Aziz Al Saud Foundation
  • Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Ibrahim charity camps processing Tosais meals hot and cold
  • Al Fajer subsidiary of Pilot Travel and Tourism
  • Company Olayyani pilgrims home
  • Company Abdel Hady Alervezn pilgrims home
  • Company tributaries Aharamin pilgrims home
  • Company Mecca pilgrims charity home
  • Bandar company and Badr beautiful Qurashi pilgrims home
  • Abdullah Alerdadi company of pilgrims home and many companies and other institutions

Prominent among these companies, which are dealt with

  • The processing camps for walnuts Holy City “for the entrance to Mecca”
  • The camps are equipped to Antbat municipal many cities of the Kingdom
  • Has been preaching camps for neighborhood councils processing in many cities in the UK
  • Several trade fairs processing in many cities of the Kingdom
  • The processing camps own sentinel “Lampwork Etc. camels”
  • The Mecca Festival camps is better equipped for several years
  • The processing camps for many real estate auctions in Makkah and some other cities
  • Many of the camps holidays in many cities of the Kingdom processing